The Company

At Ding Cheng, we are dedicated to providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions that help them stay ahead of the curve in the semiconductor industry.

Since 2007, Ding Cheng has emerged as a reliable collaborator for foundries and research institutions within the global semiconductor industry. Specializing in the wet process domain, we offer comprehensive solutions ranging from spare parts to turnkey options for both single wafer and wet station tools. By collaborating with our clients and comprehending their requirements, we have successfully created various patented add-on systems that can boost yield or increase throughput on a wide range of tools.

Our fundamental principles revolve around "Innovation" and "Quality," and as we continue to develop products and systems to assist chipmakers in delivering superior products to society, we will maintain close partnerships with our customers and collaborators.

Our Team

At Ding Cheng, our team is composed of driven engineers with robust backgrounds in both process and equipment manufacturing. Each of our senior engineers is a specialist in their respective fields, and to guarantee quality, our engineers must undergo a series of training and assessments before participating in our clients' projects. To this end, we have dedicated equipment exclusively for staff training.

We aim to cultivate an environment in which intelligent, motivated, and imaginative individuals thrive, as evidenced by our clients' acknowledgment.


History Case

SEZ203 Turnkey 
SEZ203 Turnkey 
USHIO UV Turnkey 
SEZ 323 Turnkey 
KAIJO Wet Bench S/W Develop 
KAIJO WPH improve 
DNS Wet Bench S/W Develop 
DNS WS 820L 
SEZ4200 TMAH Retrofit 
SEZ203 Autofill function 
SEZ203 Retrofit , open cassette retrofit to SMIF type 
SEZ 323 Process Transfer Retrofit 
UV Curing tool add RTM system 
SEZ 323 refurbish for ST250 
SEZ 203 8”TO 6” Retrofit 
SEZ 4200 Recovery 
SEZ 323 Suckback system 
SEZ 203/223 FDC system 
SEZ223 Retrofit for DSP process 
SEZ DV34 S/W upgrade 
SEZ4300 Autofill function 
DNS FC3100 Computer upgrade 
DNS CARO’s Wet Bench O/H 
SEZ 203 O/H 
SEZ 4200 O/H 
SUGAI Dryer Replace 
KAIJO Software/Hardware retrofit 
SEZ223 Autofill function 2MED 
SEZ 4300 Robot upgrade 
SEZ323 DUMET5 CDS2 H/W&S/W modify(ST250分流) 
SEZ323 retrofit Prstrip for Clean improvement for FPRWS3
SEZ_203 CDS tank3 Recover 
SEZ 4200 O/H&Retrofit 
SEZ 4200 Software Rebuilt&Recover 
SEZ4200 PC Upgrade 
SEZ323 Dispensor Angle Detect System 
SEZ4200  Relocate 
SEZ203 Relocate 
USHIO UV Relocate 
SEZ 304 Relocate 
SEZ 323 Relocate 
SEZ 305 Relocate 
SEZ DVP Relocate 
SEZ DV34 Relocate 
SEZ4300 Relocate 
DNS 820C Relocate 
DNS FC3100 Relocate 
Wet bench
DNS WS820 
DNS WS 820L 
8” SES (ongoing) 
12” FC3100 Relocation 
12” FC3100 Relocation